Online Payday Loans: Direct Lenders vs. Brokers

As you look for a payday loan, you typically have two options:

  1. Applying with a lender directly who will service your entire loan
  2. Applying through a loan broker (lead generator or loan connection service), who will use your application to locate a number of direct lenders that can finalize your loan.

Using a direct lender for online payday loans can help you manage every step of the loan process in one platform: from application to decision to funding to repayment. If you’d like to take out a payday loan to cover an unexpected expense until you get your next paycheck, a direct lender can help make your borrowing simple and avoid any extra fees that you may see with loan brokers.

While a loan broker can help you shop across multiple direct lenders, you may face additional service fees, inconsistent security and privacy with your personal data, and have to use multiple systems to complete your borrowing.

You’ll find that payday loans online from direct lenders may save you time and money because there may be no lender connection fees or multiple lenders involved.

Differences Between Direct Lenders and Third-Party Lenders

While direct lenders offer payday loans directly, indirect lenders (also known as brokers or loan connection services) match you to lenders who take care of the rest of the loan process. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of each.

  Direct Lenders Indirect Lenders


  • One-Stop-Shop: Since direct lenders take care of the entire loan process from start to finish, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience. You’ll also benefit from faster approval and payment times.
  • Confidential: Generally, direct lenders don’t share your personal information with third-parties during the application process so it’ll be safe and secure at all times.
  • Reliable Lenders: Direct lenders like Advance America have a stable history so you can ensure your lender is reliable.


  • Multiple Loan Offers: Loan brokers connect you to offers from multiple lenders so you can easily compare them and choose the ideal one.


  • Less Diversity when Shopping: Connecting with one direct lender will require you to compare lenders on your own, without the benefit of a broker to shop your qualifications for available loans.


  • Additional Fees: The convenience of loan brokers may include a service fee on top of any fees from the actual lender.
  • Lack of Privacy: Loan connection services share your personal data with multiple lenders, leading to privacy concerns.
  • Inconsistent Service: You won’t get a consistent experience with loan connection services because every lender has their own way of doing things.

Is Advance America a Direct Lender for Payday Loans?

Advance America is a direct lender that offers payday loans to give you money needed before your next paycheck. It’s important to do the match and compare your options. Payday loans can be a more affordable alternative to bounced checks, credit card late fees, and overdraft charges.

Best of all, they are a breeze to apply for and receive because the entire process is done through us. You don’t have to worry about a middleman, hefty paperwork, extra fees or privacy issues and can receive the cash you need within 24 hours. With loan brokers, you may experience delays in application decision and payout, while your private information is shared across other lenders, and additional service fees may apply.

How to Apply for a Direct Payday Loan

Here’s how to apply for a direct payday loan in-person and online.


Gather Information

Collect the following:

  • Your driver’s license or other form of government ID
  • Proof of an open and active checking account
  • A recent pay stub or other proof of current income
  • Your Social Security number

Visit an Advance America Location

Go to an Advance America location and a customer service representative will guide you through the application process.


Gather Information

Be prepared to enter the following information:

  • Social Security number
  • Active email address
  • Active checking account (Routing and ABA number)
  • Source of income

Visit the Advance America Website

Once you visit the Advance America website and plug in your zip code, complete the online application, which will consist of these steps:

  1. Provide your contact information.
  2. Tell us about your income information. We accept many types of income.
  3. Share banking details. (You’ll need both your checking number and ABA routing number. Prepaid cards are not accepted.)
  4. Submit the application
  5. Receive an instant approval decision
  6. Get money as soon as today. Online approvals before 10:30 ET (M-F) are typically funded to your bank account by 5PM ET same-day. Approvals after 10:30 ET are typically funded in the morning the next banking day.

After you apply for a payday loan with an online direct lender like Advance America, you’ll get the cash you need without the hassle.

The above information is provided for informational use only. Advance America is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from your reliance on the material provided. This information is accurate as of the time it is posted; but it may not be updated regularly, so it may not be current information depending on when you read it. You should consult with your own financial professional when making financial decisions.

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