Happy family takes control of finances with Advance America's tips

Home and Family

Take charge of family finances with tips and tricks on things like home improvement, groceries, and staycations.

It can be hard to balance home and family finances, especially when trying to save at the same time. Read on for more tips on how to budget family finances — whether it’s saving money during the holidays, creative ways to learn at home or financing essential repairs for your home and car.

Teaching your kids important life lessons is also essential, especially when it comes to financial literacy. Thinking of creative ways to introduce financial topics to your kids early will pave the way for them to be more independent later. Check out our tips on helping young children understand money by earning an allowance, playing fun money-related games, teaching them to give back and more. Showing them that you know how to tackle family finances will help them become responsible spenders and savers in the future.

Home and family finances shouldn’t be left up to guesswork. That’s why we offer tips on everything from tricks to increase the value of your home to earning extra cash to help finance your gift shopping during the holidays. How about free or affordable staycation ideas for the whole family or learning new skills to add to your resume? Learning how to budget family finances may seem stressful at first, but with our helpful articles, you can take it one step at a time.

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