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How to Establish Credit with No Credit History
Credit impacts many areas of our lives. Not only can you expect a credit check when applying for a loan or credit card, but also when filling out an application to rent an apartment.
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rubber stamp in hand marked with credit accepted
Does a Soft Credit Check Affect Your Credit?
A soft credit check is a brief inquiry into your credit report. Soft credit checks typically occur when a lender wants to view your credit score without digging deep into the details.
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Man stares at credit score meter
What Is Creditworthiness?
In the financial world, creditworthiness measures how likely you are to repay money you borrow. Your creditworthiness is based on your credit report, which lists all your previous and existing debts, credit score, and payment history.
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Group of friends sport fans watching rugby match and celebrating winning
How to Host a Super Bowl Party on a Budget | 5 Quick Tips
Are you ready to host a Super Bowl party without draining your wallet? We've compiled five budget-friendly party ideas to ensure your Super Bowl bash is a touchdown!
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Young man sitting at laptop looks at paperwork and smiles.
What Is a Credit Reference?
If you're planning to apply for a loan, credit card, or apartment, you may be asked to provide a credit reference.
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“Loan default” written in white ink on black paper.
What Does It Mean to Default on a Loan?
Defaulting on a loan is when you fail to repay the debt according to your loan agreement. Depending on the loan and lender, you might default after missing one or several payments.
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