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Man in foam circular collar and arm sling reading medical bill
How to Negotiate Medical Bills
Even with adequate health insurance, steep medical bills can take you by surprise. In fact, medical debt is the country’s leading cause of bankruptcy, which is why it’s essential to keep your medical bills in check.
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stressed women on laptop holding a credit card
How to Report Credit Card Fraud
Discovering you’re the victim of credit card or debit card fraud is an incredibly stressful experience. After the initial shock, your mind may be reeling with questions like: “How did this happen?”
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Senior couple meeting with financial advisor
Financial Planning for Retirement
Have you started to plan for retirement? Focusing on a financial retirement plan at an early age increases your chances of financial security later in life.
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Shocked African America couple look at laptop
Alternatives to a Credit Card Cash Advance
If you’re in need of fast cash to cover essential or emergency expenses, you might consider a credit card cash advance. But before you take one out, be aware that credit card cash advances come with some drawbacks.
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Piggy bank with coins on wooden table.
How Much of My Paycheck Should I Save?
Anyone who has experienced financial hardship understands how important it is to have emergency savings.
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Embarrassed women looking in empty wallet at supermarket checkout.
How to Budget and Save Money on Low Income
Budgeting can seem impossible when you have a low-income job. How are you supposed to budget your money when there’s never any extra to work with between paychecks?
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