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Car Title Loans

Title Loans At Advance America

Get the money you need while continuing to drive your vehicle.

Title Loans from Advance America provide you with instant access to cash based on the appraised value of your vehicle. If you own your car and have the vehicle’s title, our competitive rates make it easy to get the money you need. No bank account required. Title Loan availability varies by state.

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How does a Car Title Loan work?

A Title Loan lets you use your car to get the money you need.

Title loans are based on the appraised value of your owned vehicle.* We provide a personal loan on the spot and place a lien on the vehicle’s title. You keep driving your car while you repay the loan. Getting one is easy:


Bring your car and car title to an Advance America store that offers Title Loans.


An employee will inspect your vehicle in minutes to estimate its value.


Agree to terms and scheduled payments. Return to repay loan on due date.

* Requirements vary by state.

Why get a Title Loan?

Here are some reasons why a Title Loan may be the right choice for you:

Easy application

Applying for an Advance America Title Loan is easy. Bring all necessary documents including your car title and government issued ID to an Advance America store location near you. Then, a store employee will appraise your vehicle to determine its value.

Get funds quickly

If approved for an Advance America Title Loan, you will get instant access to the funds you need. You can leave our store with cash in hand and can keep driving your vehicle as you repay the loan.

Good credit not needed

Advance America considers many factors in addition to credit score, so you don’t need a good credit score to get approved for a Title Loan. We approve borrowers with poor and fair credit.

How much cash can I get with a Title Loan?

The amount of money you can get with a Title Loan depends on what condition your vehicle is in and any state laws that apply. Keep in mind that your gross monthly income may also determine the Title Loan amount offered depending on your state. To see an estimated Title Loan amount you qualify for, click here to use our title loan estimator.

Title Loan questions

What is a Title Loan?

If you own the title to your vehicle, a Title Loan allows you to borrow money based on its value. Your car is used as collateral for the loan so you can get the money you need immediately, and keep driving your car while you pay back your personal loan. Title Loans are ideal for individuals looking for a fast solution to short-term financial needs.

Where does Advance America offer Title Loans?

Title Loans are available in select states across the country. Click here to see if Title Loans are available in your state.

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How can a car or auto Title Loan be used?

Car Title Loans can be used to cover unexpected expenses or to deal with other financial hardships.

How will I know If I am qualified for a Title Loan?

To find out if you are qualified for a Title Loan, simply visit your closest Advance America location with your vehicle for inspection, vehicle title, government issued ID, and proof of residence. Our friendly team member will have you complete an easy Title Loan application and inspect your vehicle. Upon completion of this process, you will know if you qualify for a Title Loan. Before you head to our store, you can use our Title Loan estimator tool to see what amount you may qualify for.

How do I apply for a Title Loan?

To apply for a car Title Loan, please bring the following items to an Advance America location near you:

  1. Free and clear vehicle title
  2. Proof of residence
  3. Government issued ID
  4. Vehicle (for inspection only)
  5. In some states, proof of income and vehicle insurance are required

To qualify for a car Title Loan, your car must be registered in your name, must be paid off and you should have possession of the title. In some states, your gross monthly income will also determine the Title Loan amount offered. At our location, one of our employees will inspect your vehicle and determine its value.

What are the benefits of a Title Loan?

Unlike other types of short-term loans, auto Title Loans use your car as collateral. Title Loans grant you instant access to cash eliminating the need for a bank account or perfect credit.

Car Title Loan rates & terms

The amount of money you can borrow with a Title Loan, as well as the associated rates and terms, varies by state.

The Title Loan estimator tool below is for your convenience. It does not guarantee that you will be approved for a Title Loan or that your Title Loan amount will equal your estimate.


How to apply for a Title Loan?

To apply for a car Title Loan, please bring the following items to an Advance America location near you:

  • Government issued ID
  • Vehicle and Title
  • Proof of Residence (Utility Bill)
  • Proof of income, vehicle registration and insurance may be required in some states

Learn more about what is needed in your state.

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This store has the best 2 ladies in customer service I've ever dealt with. Ms. Tina and Ms. Sheila are so nice and understanding and explain all the…

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They helped me in time of need. Very friendly and courtesy.

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Title Loan Payment Questions

When will my Title Loan be due?

Most title loans are paid monthly, with differing terms by state.

Can I refinance my Title Loan?

Yes, some states allow you to refinance your existing title loan at a better interest rate. During the loan application process, our employees will explain the options for refinance.

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What if I cannot pay or will be late repaying my Title Loan?

Advance America will work with you to establish payment arrangements for your Title Loan. And we're committed to collecting past due accounts in a professional, fair and lawful manner. Past due payments may impact your ability to transact with Advance America or other lenders. If you are unable to pay your loan on time, please contact us at your local store or our toll free number (844)562–6480.

Can I make minimum payments for Title Loan?

Yes, so long as your payments are in accordance with payments schedule as outlined in your loan agreement. Our Title Loan repayment terms vary by state with the length of loan varying from 30 days to 24 months. To learn more about the terms in your state, click here.

Can I pay off my Title Loan early?

You may pay off your Title Loan at any time before the due date if you wish. There is no prepayment penalty, and depending on the state, paying off early may reduce the fees of your Title Loan.

How do I pay off my Title Loan?

You may make payments for Title Loan in accordance with your payment schedule until the account in paid off or you may visit the store and request a pay-off amount to satisfy the account in full. As always, any time you have a little extra cash, you may make a payment to get ahead of your payment schedule.

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