How To Transfer Money To A Bank Account In Mexico

Did you know you can deposit money directly to a bank account in Mexico from a Western Union agent location such as Advance America? Sending directly to a bank account in person from an Advance America location within the United States is one of the best ways for loved ones to receive money. Send money directly to major banks such as Banorte, Banamex, BanCoppel, Banco Azteca, and BBVA.

We’re here to provide you with the information needed to easily deposit money directly to a bank account in Mexico.

Send and receive funds directly to bank accounts in Mexico in a few simple steps:

1. Check out the list of banks you can transfer money to from an agent location.

List of Major Banks in Mexico

Major Banks in Mexico


JP Morgan

Banco Base

Banco Interacciones


Banco Monex





Banco del Bajio

Banco Azteca









Bank of America



2. Before you head to a nearby agent location, be prepared with your receiver’s banking information.

Receiver information needed to transfer money to a bank account:

  1. Name (First / Last) – exactly the way it looks on your receiver’s state issued ID.
  2. Bank name (drop down)
  3. Account number / CLABE (for SPEI banks) / Debit Card (Account number length may vary by banks, Debit Cards are 16 digits while CLABE are 18 digits.)
  4. Receiver address, city, state (Be sure to have the city code handy just in case.)
  5. Receiver’s phone number

Note: Make sure that the details being provided are accurate to avoid delays.

3. Plan ahead! Check local banking hours to make sure your money gets deposited at the time you want it to be.

How fast will the money get deposited into my receiver’s bank account?

When sending money to a bank account in Mexico, the deposit can take anywhere from Real Time1 to the end of the banking day (same day deposits), however, this is all dependent on local banking hours and schedules. Keep in mind that local banks may have deposit cut-off times during the week or could be closed over the weekends. These are factors that may delay funds being deposited into your receiver’s bank account.

What currency will the money be deposited in?

Mexican Pesos.

4. Visit a nearby Advance America location

Easily send a money transfer to your recipient’s bank account from one of over 1,100 Advance America locations . Western Union deposits money transfers directly into the receiver’s bank account. Start sending money to a bank account today!

1Mexico: Real-time transfers are available to Banamex, Bancomer, Santander, Azteca, Bancoppel, HSBC and Scotiabank during banking hours and business days. For other banks, funds will generally arrive on the same banking day for transfers sent before 2.35 pm Eastern Time.

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