The Best Seasonal Jobs for Your Personality Type

Landing a seasonal job is an excellent way to boost your resume, work a flexible schedule, and earn extra income for the winter holidays. Whether you're an extrovert or an introvert, a problem solver, or a creative, you can find a position to suit your skills and interests.

Check out our tips for finding seasonal employment that matches your personality type and helps you make the most of the holiday season!

What is seasonal employment?

Seasonal jobs are temporary positions available at certain times of the year. Since businesses need additional help around the holidays, seasonal work tends to be plentiful from October through January.

Job seekers are most likely to find seasonal roles in the retail, hospitality, tourism, and transportation industries. Whether you're a student looking for a job over winter break or a parent seeking extra income to cover Christmas gifts, seasonal work allows you to fit employment around your other commitments.

If you're on the hunt for a seasonal job opportunity this holiday season, consider applying for a position that matches your personality. With plenty of options to choose from, finding the right fit can help you maximize your potential, enjoy the experience, and best of all, have fun!

Seasonal jobs for extroverts

Extroverts who thrive in fast-paced environments can benefit from temporary jobs during the busy holiday season. Seasonal employment keeps you energized, connects you with new people, and allows you to stay busy.

Here are a few holiday jobs that are perfect for outgoing job seekers:

Retail associate

Retail positions are among the most popular and readily available seasonal jobs. Whether you're helping customers shop for gifts, assisting with sales, or restocking shelves, each day brings fresh challenges and opportunities for growth.

Extroverts can thrive in retail because you’ll interact with a wide variety of people. Beyond the social aspect, working as a retail associate allows you to develop and strengthen a wide range of transferable skills.

Holiday tour guide

Historic towns, state parks, and attractions often host holiday events with guided tours. As a tour guide, you might share historical and cultural insights against the backdrop of a festive market or decorated venue.

Being a tour guide requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills, which makes it the perfect seasonal job for an extrovert. Not only that, but you'll get the chance to share your holiday spirit and enthusiasm with visitors!

Costumed performer

Landing a gig as a seasonal costumed performer allows you to transform into a beloved character, bring joy to others, and gain valuable experience in performing and event planning.

The iconic mall Santa is probably the first costumed performer that comes to mind, but there are other opportunities, too. Haunted house actors, Victorian-era Christmas carolers, elves, historic reenactors, and other types of entertainers are in high demand for seasonal attractions and holiday events. From posing for pictures to interacting with guests, you'll have the chance to develop your people skills and create a magical experience for folks of all ages.

Seasonal jobs for introverts

Introverts may shy away from seasonal work due to the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, but there are plenty of roles that allow you to work independently behind the scenes:

Gift wrapper

Shopping malls and department stores often hire gift wrap associates ahead of the holiday season. As a gift wrapper, you'll carefully package and wrap gifts, replenish supplies at gift-wrapping stations, and communicate supply needs to your manager.

But being a gift wrapper is more than just neatly folding paper and adding a bow. It requires a keen eye for color coordination, choosing the right wrapping materials, and adding personalized touches to make each gift unique. Gift wrappers can use their artistic talents to bring joy and excitement to both the giver and the receiver, which can be incredibly rewarding.

Christmas light installer

Installing exterior holiday lights allows you to work outdoors and stay active, often alone or with a small crew. Whether you're climbing ladders or maneuvering through bushes, the physical aspect of the job keeps you energized and engaged. Plus, you'll get to enjoy the fresh air while you work!

Many homeowners and businesses pay for professional light installations, which makes this a surprisingly lucrative seasonal job. You can either join a professional installation company, work as a freelancer, or even start your own business. With the right skills and a passion for creating holiday magic, the possibilities are endless!

Delivery driver

If you enjoy a fast-paced, independent work environment (and don't mind sitting in traffic), being a delivery driver might be the right fit for your personality type.

Logistics companies start to hire extra delivery drivers in early fall in anticipation of increased seasonal demand. You can also find more flexible gigs with app-based food or grocery delivery services.

Delivering packages or food orders requires careful planning and efficient route navigation. You'll need to be able to prioritize your deliveries and find the most direct routes to ensure timely deliveries. These skills are not only valuable for your job as a delivery driver but can also transfer to other areas of your life.

Another benefit of being a delivery driver is the opportunity to be out and about, rather than being stuck in an office all day.

Seasonal jobs for problem solvers

People who are analytically minded and great at solving problems tend to succeed in roles that challenge them to think on their feet. If this sounds like you, you might want to consider these seasonal jobs for problem solvers:

Customer service rep

If you thrive under pressure and enjoy helping people, your personality can shine as a seasonal customer service representative.

Customer service representatives are tasked with answering questions, resolving issues, and handling complaints. Since this job can be stressful during the busy holiday shopping season, you'll need strong interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with customers.

The great thing about being a customer service representative is the flexibility. Not only can you work on-site at major retailers, but you can even find remote positions that allow you to work from home.

Event planner

If you’re an outgoing, organized person who loves being in the middle of the action and making others smile, try holiday event planning.

Working as a holiday event planner involves organizing and executing holiday-themed events for clients. This could include coordinating family Thanksgiving reunions, menorah lighting ceremonies, corporate Christmas parties, holiday parades, New Year's Eve parties, holiday art walks, and more.

Holiday crew leader

Do you love to apply your problem-solving skills to a leadership role? Consider being a holiday crew leader.

As a crew leader, it's your responsibility to oversee a team of employees to ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely and efficient manner. You may need to set schedules, delegate jobs, and keep your crew motivated through project competition.

Working as a crew leader allows you to use your problem-solving skills in a variety of environments. For example, you might work outdoors one day and inside a performance venue the next. As such, being a seasonal crew leader presents a unique opportunity to further your career development and apply the skills you learn on the job to a more permanent role.

Seasonal jobs for creatives

Creatives tend to be passionate about their work, but they may become disinterested if they're not doing something they enjoy. Finding a job that allows you to nurture your creativity and gives you the freedom to pursue your passion is key.


Skilled photographers are in high demand ahead of the holiday season. Retailers and attractions often hire temporary staff photographers to take family and pet portraits and capture visits with Santa.

If you have your own camera equipment, you might start offering seasonal portrait sessions in early fall. With so many people starting to plan their holiday cards before Thanksgiving, it's the perfect opportunity to make extra money without giving up your day job.

Storefront window artist

Vibrant window paintings are a holiday tradition. For artists and muralists, window paintings can be a fun seasonal addition to regular commissions. From creating traditional winter scenes to characters from popular Christmas movies, it's up to you to decide what type of art you want to create!

Holiday decorator

If you're a creative who doesn't mind a little physical labor, you might consider working as a holiday decorator.

Holiday decorators transform the interiors of homes, businesses, or public spaces into winter wonderlands. This might include setting up and decorating Christmas trees, hanging garlands, creating wreaths, designing faux gift boxes, and planning magical ways to display merchandise.

Get a seasonal job you love this holiday season

Whatever your personality, it's nice to find a seasonal job that fits your interests and brings out your strengths. Whether you’re an extroverted event planner, detail-oriented crew leader, or creative window artist, there are plenty of opportunities available this time of year.

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