How to Get an NSF Fee Refund

You may write a check for $100 without realizing there’s only $50 in your checking account. If this happens, your bank or credit union can charge you a nonsufficient funds (NSF) fee for the bad check. Let’s take a closer look at how NSF fees work and how you can get a refund for this type of fee.

How do NSF fees work?

If you write a check for more money than you have in your checking account, you may be on the hook for an NSF fee. While NSF fees vary by institution, they usually range between $10 and $50.

How to get your NSF fee refunded or waived

Here are some steps you can take to get an NSF fee refund from your bank.

1. Have your personal information ready

Gather some personal details about yourself and the check you wrote. These can include the name of the check recipient, your account number, and routing number.

2. Contact your bank as soon as possible

Call your bank to speak to a customer service representative. The faster you do so, the better.

3. Explain the situation

State that you were charged an NSF fee and ask if you can get this fee refunded. If you’ve been a loyal customer and have a positive track record with your bank or credit union, they may waive the fee.

How to avoid NSF fees

Here are some strategies to help you avoid NSF fees altogether:

Check your account balance frequently

Keep a close eye on your checking account on a regular basis. You may want to check it daily or weekly so that you’re always aware of how much money you have.

Balance your checkbook

Balance your checkbook every time you write a check. If you don’t have enough money to cover a check you want to write, think of an alternative payment method like a credit card or loan.

Sign up for low-balance alerts

Your bank or credit union may give you the option to enroll in low balance alerts. If you do, you’ll get a notification every time your checking account falls below a certain threshold.

Opt out of overdraft protection

If you have overdraft protection, opt out of it. Your bank or credit union will decline your check if you don’t have enough money to cover it. The good news, however, is they won’t charge you with an NSF fee either.

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