Easter Eggs-travaganza: 8 Budget-Friendly Easter Activities for Kids

Looking for creative ways to celebrate Easter with your kids on a budget? We’ve compiled a list of ingenious Easter-themed activities you and your family can enjoy without breaking the bank.

Let's hop to it!

Classic Easter activities

Some Easter activities are timeless – and surprisingly budget-friendly!

1. Easter egg hunt

If you have small children, you can't celebrate Easter without the iconic egg hunt! It's the equivalent of opening presents on Christmas morning. And you'll be amazed at how invested your kids get in tracking down those elusive eggs.

Depending on where you live, you can hide eggs just about anywhere indoors or outside. Plastic Easter eggs are cheap and reusable, and you can hide candy and other prizes inside. For the littles, remember to hide the eggs in more obvious places, like on the ground behind a tree or under the bed. You can get more creative with older kids, turning the activity into a challenging treasure hunt!

Whether you’re hiding real eggs or plastic ones, you might want to jot down where each egg is located. That way, if the kids don't find them all, you can track them down and clean them up.

2. Egg decorating

When the Easter egg hunt is over, you might want to enjoy a more laid-back activity: egg decorating. Traditionally, real eggs are dyed in a variety of spring colors, but you can also use plastic ones if you're worried about creating a yolky mess. You’ll just need to use markers, stickers, or paint instead of dye.

Decorating eggs is an excellent way for your kids to explore their creativity, and it’s already an affordable activity. If you’re worried about having enough art supplies, see if family or friends can chip in or let you borrow theirs.

DIY Easter activities

Themed costumes, toys, treats, and pre-arranged Easter baskets can add up fast. Fortunately, you can cut costs by creating your own Easter goodies!

3. Springtime arts and crafts

DIY Easter crafts are along the same lines as egg decorating. A few ideas to get you started include creating your own bunny masks, tulips, and Easter cards. If your family loves making gingerbread houses around the winter holidays, try this adorable Peeps House. Best of all, the whole family can participate!

4. Handmade Easter costumes

If your kids love playing "dress-up" or "make-believe," craft your own Easter costumes! The possibilities are endless, from homemade bunny ears and masks to full Easter bunny costumes.

Either way, you're sure to make memories that last a lifetime!

5. Easter recipes

Making homemade Easter treats and snacks is a personal favorite. A few of my must-haves include Chocolate Marshmallow Easter Eggs, Bunny Tails, and Easter cupcakes.

In addition to being delicious, these tasty treats can be decorated however you choose. One budget-friendly option is to use frosting to draw bunny faces and ears on the cupcakes. You might even get the kids to craft mini bunny ears using toothpicks and construction paper so you can use them as cupcake decorations!

Outdoor Easter activities

If it's a beautiful day outside and you're tired of being indoors, there are plenty of great outdoor Easter activities!

6. Easter-themed games

Playing games like Easter Bunny Hopscotch is a fun way to hop off some energy built up from eating those Easter treats! All you need is some sidewalk chalk to draw a basic hopscotch court, but with Easter bunny faces instead of squares. To make the game more challenging for teens and adults, try it while balancing an egg on a spoon!

Carrot toss is another great and easy option. All you will need for this game is two Easter egg baskets and a bag of carrots. You then divide into two teams and toss carrots into your team’s assigned basket. The team that lands the most carrots wins!

7. Scavenger hunt

If you want to take your egg hunt to the next level, make it an Easter scavenger hunt! A scavenger hunt is more elaborate than a simple egg hunt and requires clues and maps for the hunters. As with a traditional egg hunt, you can increase or decrease the difficulty level based on the age and abilities of the participants.

8. Spring planting

Easter is the perfect time to start seeds and create outdoor traditions that get the entire family out and exploring nature.

If the weather is too cold on Easter, you can encourage your kids to start their seeds in paper cups. They can then transfer the seedlings to the ground when it’s warmer. Whether you live in a house with a backyard or an apartment with a balcony container garden, starting a flower or vegetable garden is a fun, educational activity for kids of all ages.

Enjoy Easter without blowing your budget!

Whatever your budget, there are plenty of affordable ways to welcome the spring season.

Do you have a favorite Easter activity? Or a fun idea we failed to mention? Let us know on social media! And for more family-friendly budget activities, check out our other Money Tips articles!

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