How Title Loans Work

Your Car Is The Key To The Cash You Need

How do Title Loans work?

A Title Loan allows you the ability to receive a larger loan amount, using your vehicle as collateral. Simply bring your car to your nearest Advance America center for evaluation, and one of our employees will perform an inspection to determine its value. The loan amount you receive is dependent upon the value of the vehicle. If your title application is approved, you will walk away with cash in hand*.

What are the steps involved in getting a Title Loan?

Before applying for a Title Loan, contact your local Advance America location or enter your zip code or city, state above to see if Title Loans are available in your area.

  • Grab your vehicle’s title along with your identification. In some states proof of residency (utility bill), proof of income and vehicle insurance may be required
  • Drive your car to one of our centers
  • Allow one of our employees to perform an inspection on your vehicle in order to determine its value
  • Fill out and sign your loan paperwork
  • Leave our location with your cash in hand*

What vehicles can be used to get a Title Loan?

The vehicle you can use to get a Title Loan varies depending on its condition, mileage, and year of manufacture. It must be paid off in full, and you need to be in possession of your vehicle’s title. You can use our Title Loan Estimator on our website to get an idea of your car’s approximate value before taking it to an Advance America center.