Fast and Easy Online Loans

Need a quick online loan? Reputable lenders like Advance America make it easy to get money fast! Let's explore same-day loan options, what to look for in a reputable lender, and how to secure an online loan today.

What are easy online loans?

Online loans are a convenient alternative to traditional lending methods. In fact, online personal loans often have less strict credit requirements than the conventional loans offered at banks and credit unions, making them easier to access with bad credit.

Most online options are unsecured loans, which means they aren't backed by collateral like home equity or title loans. Online personal loans also offer competitive interest rates and a wide range of borrowing amounts.

Advance America has an easy online loan application process that can result in an approval decision in minutes. And with direct deposit or in-store cash funding, you could have money in hand within 24 hours! Applied too late in the day for same-day funding? Don't worry – you should receive funds no later than the next business day.

What can I use a same-day online loan for?

You can use a same-day online loan to cover almost any emergency expense or necessity. Whether you need to pay a medical bill, repair your vehicle, consolidate debt, replace a home appliance, or cover gas and groceries until payday, easy online loans can get you the funds you need.

Reasons to get an easy online loan

There are many reasons to choose an easy online loan over traditional financing methods. Online lenders like Advance America offer the following benefits:

Even poor credit applicants may qualify for a loan

Even with a bad credit score, you may still qualify for a quick loan through an online lender. That's because online lenders tend to have fewer credit score restrictions. Instead, they look at more than just your credit report when making a lending decision, such as your income, employment situation, and current debts.

Convenient online lending

Did you know you can get an online loan easily without even leaving your home? Whether you're at home or on the go, you can complete the entire loan process from your computer or mobile device. Depending on your state and the type of loan you want to borrow, you can opt to have the money deposited directly to your bank account.

Prefer to discuss your options in person? Some lenders have physical branches in addition to online services. Find out if there's an Advance America branch close to you.

Easy application process

Unlike traditional lenders, online loan lenders tend to have a streamlined application process that makes it easy to apply for a personal loan. You won't have to gather stacks of financial documents or fill out long, multi-page applications. In fact, our online loan application process typically takes less than five minutes.

Instant decision and quick access to funds

You'll know whether you've qualified for an online loan with Advance America within moments of submitting your application. Once you're approved, you should receive your funds by the following business day. If you apply early enough, you might even receive money the same day you apply!

Can I get a fast same-day online loan?

Many online lenders offer same-day loans to ensure you get the money you need fast. When you need money now, this option can be a lifesaver.

When choosing a lender, consider their loan funding process. If they offer same-day financing, what's the daily cut-off time for you to receive funds by close of business day? If you miss the deadline, how soon can you access the funds?

In many cases, same-day loans are funded within 24 hours of approval (unless the next day is a bank holiday or weekend). At Advance America, we typically fund applications approved before 10:30 AM EST that same day. If you don't receive a loan decision until after 10:30 AM EST, you'll receive a direct deposit the following banking day.

We also provide instant funding to all in-store customers and repeat customers online.

Type of Same day online loans

Types of same-day online loans

Can't decide which quick loan works best for your financial situation? Here are some options from Advance America that offer easy online loan applications and quick funding:

Online payday loans

Also known as a cash advance, a payday loan is a short-term loan for a small amount of cash — usually a few hundred dollars or less. The amount you can borrow depends on your income because you repay the loan in full on your next pay date.

Payday loans are handy if you need to avoid bouncing a check or incurring costly late fees from missing a credit card payment.

Online installment loans

Do you need more money than a cash advance provides? Consider an installment loan.

Installment loans offer quick access to funds with longer repayment terms, giving you more time to repay the amount borrowed. With scheduled monthly payments, typical loan terms range from three to 24 months depending on your state.

Online personal lines of credit

Having a line of credit gives you access to cash up to your approved credit limit. With an open line of credit, you can take out money as you need it, making this a flexible loan option that's convenient for covering unexpected expenses.

Whether you access cash in multiple withdrawals or in a larger lump sum, you'll only pay interest on the amount you borrow. Plus, your line of credit stays open even after you repay the balance.

How can I find a fast and easy same-day loan online?

There are a few things to consider when shopping around for an easy online loan, such as:

Do you have a steady income?

Reputable lenders like to see that you have a steady income. While in many cases this means being gainfully employed, it can also mean that you're receiving regular Social Security benefits. Knowing that you have a steady income source is a positive sign to lenders that you'll be able to pay back your loan.

What's your debt-to-income ratio?

Your debt-to-income ratio measures the amount of money you owe each month divided by your monthly income. The lower your DTI, the less risky you'll seem to lenders.

What's your credit score?

Your credit score carries a lot of weight in lending decisions made by traditional financial institutions, which is why it's more difficult to get a traditional loan with bad credit.

Some online lenders look at factors in addition to your FICO score when deciding on whether to issue you a loan. Your score can still be a determining factor, but you may qualify if you meet other criteria.

How to find a trustworthy lender for easy online loans

Here are four questions to ask when looking for a reputable online lender:

What do their customers have to say?

Read customer reviews. A few dissatisfied reviews are the norm for any lender, but if the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, you're more likely to have a good experience.

Are they transparent about their loan fees and interest rates?

Your lender should disclose all loan rates and fees up front. If anything seems unclear and you're going around in circles trying to get answers, look elsewhere.

What is the loan approval process like?

Does the lender have a clear and quick approval process? Online applications should be straightforward and easy to complete from your computer or mobile device. Once submitted, how soon will the lender issue an approval decision? Ideally, you'll receive an instant approval decision on your application.

You should always be cautious of scammers posing as legitimate lenders. If you're asked to make an initial payment as a "show of faith," it's probably a scam.

How to get an easy same-day online loan

Here's how you can apply for a loan online:

Choose your loan and lender

After comparing the different types of online loans available, decide which one best fits your financial needs. Once you're sure which loan you want, choose a reputable lender that offers that type of loan at competitive rates.

Gather the documents required for the application

Before you start to fill out your application, make sure you have all your personal and financial information ready. Requirements may vary by state and lender, but in general, you'll likely need the following:

  • A government-issued ID (i.e., driver's license, passport)
  • Proof of income (i.e., bank statements, paystub, tax returns)
  • Checking account
  • Social Security number

Fill out your online loan application

Visit the lender's website or app to fill out your application. Make sure the information you enter is complete and accurate to avoid any delays in your loan approval decision or funding. In many cases, online loan applications take just minutes to complete.

Receive your loan decision

Once you submit the application, the lender uses the information you provided to decide whether to approve your request. Since Advance America has an instant approval decision process, you may receive your decision right away.

Get your money

If you're approved for an online loan, the lender will deposit the funds directly into your bank account. Funding times vary by lender, but in many cases, you should gain access to the money within 24 hours.

Experience Advance America's easy online loan process

We realize that our customers live busy lives, so we've worked hard to streamline our applications. Here's what our loan application process looks like:

Complete your loan application online — minimal documentation required!

At Advance America, our online loan applications take most customers less than 5 minutes to complete. We simply need to verify your identity, contact information, proof of income, and bank information.

See your instant loan approval decision

When you apply online for an Advance America personal loan, you'll often receive an instant approval decision. This means you'll know whether you're approved for a loan moments after hitting the submit button.

Enjoy quick funding

Advance America offers same-day funding for loans approved before 10:30 AM EST. If you apply after 10:30 AM EST, you may receive your money the next banking day.

Repay your loan online or in-store

As you begin to repay your loan, remember that we offer automated payment options to make repaying your loan simple and quick. Log into your account to view your payment schedule and payoff amount. Prefer to make payments in person? Stop by one of our convenient locations.

Apply for an easy online loan today!

Financial worries and a busy schedule shouldn't get in the way of getting the quick funds you need to reach your financial goals. Whether you need a payday advance, a line of credit, or an installment loan, we've got loan options to fit your life.

Experience our streamlined application process for yourself. Apply online 24/7 or stop by your nearest Advance America branch. We're happy to help find the best solution that meets your needs.

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