Tax Services

Rest assured your taxes will be done right with our Certified Tax Services. Our locations are here year-round so if you ever have a tax related question, we can help. We partner with eTax to help you quickly and accurately prepare and file your state and federal taxes.

  • Refund estimation
  • Tax refund preparation
  • Filing services

Pre-Tax Season Estimation:

  • If you’re curious about your federal tax refund before tax season rolls around, we can help
  • Come in anytime between November and the start of tax season and provide the following:
    1. Your earnings (most recent paystub or verification of income)
    2. Your filing status (single, married or head of household)
    3. The number of dependents you will claim
  • We will use this information to provide you a free estimate* of your federal tax refund in advance of tax season

How Tax Filing Works:

  • Our knowledgeable tax professionals can help prepare and file your tax returns
  • Find a participating Advance America location
  • Bring the following tax documents:
    • Wage Statements (W-2 forms)
    • Interest or Other Income Earned Statements (Form 1099-DIV or 1099-INT)
    • Mortgage Statement (Form 1098)
    • Social Security Number (you, your spouse, children and other dependents)
    • Two forms of ID (Valid government-issued photo ID and one additional ID)
    • Any other relevant documents
Image: Tax Filing Services and Tax Estimation - Advance America